The Human Animal

Pleasant Fictions and You

a long view of the water in which we all swim.

Outside influences & tweaking your mind

We talk a lot about exercise both mental and physical here at the human animal, both as ways +

Anger and You

It is like a secret club. I know another one immediately when I cross paths with them.

10 Reasons Why You Should Run

If you’ve been following this blog, chances are you are at least a slight bit interested +

Conscious vs. Aware

Something I’ve long struggled with is the distinction between self-consciousness and self-awareness. We should talk about +


How many things can the human mind hold its attention on at one time? This is +

What is the Human Animal Philosophy?

In the beginning, God made all of the creatures of earth. And then He made man. +

The Easy Way

Let’s get something out of the way. You are not a victim. And yet, we are +

Memories of Friends Past

The Guardian published an article a few years ago which I have since spent a great deal +

Motivation and Apathy

  Apathy is easy. We have an unlimited supply of it. Cheap, common, mundane, indifference flows +